Trinity College



One of the oldest universities in the UK and Ireland, Trinity College has been a seat of learning back to the mid sixteenth century when Queen Elizabeth I (daughter of Henry VIII and one of the longest reigning monarchs of England), the college is located on its own grounds within its own walled enclave in the heart of Dublin. Overlooking the old original house of parliament.


Cobbled stones, cricket grounds, arched entrances, ancient classrooms overlooking busy quads, the college is a treasure trove of many of Ireland’s most valued manuscripts from the Book of Kells, a 9th Century, illuminated manuscript believed by many to have been transported from Iona out of harm’s way from Viking raids, the Books of Durrow and Armagh and thousands of the college’s own books.


Trinity’s alumni reads like a whos who of Irish history including such luminaries as Jonathan Swift, physicist Ernest Walton, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde and former Irish presidents Mary Robinson and Mary McAleese (the college opened its doors to women students after only three centuries).