Samuel Beckett


Try Again. Fail again. Fail better (Samuel Beckett)


Dublin-born playwright and novelist is best known for the drama Waiting for Godot which had its first performance in Paris Another Trinity boy (not afforded to the Catholic Joyce though the twain were later to meet in gay Paris), with a practical degree in romance languages which ignited his life long love affair with all things European.


Beckett finally settled in Paris and remained there most of his life getting to grips through his freelance and other writing endeavours with the paring everything back life, living, time, the self, to the essentials.


In Yeats‘s footsteps some decades earlier, in 1969 Beckett was awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature. Today the Samuel Beckett Bridge is named in his honour (a pedestrian bridge on the Liffey, shaped like a harp on its side and made of steel).


Hotels near to Beckett’s early residence on Dublin’s south city include Radisson Blu St Helens Hotel.