Jonathon Swift


Every dog must have his day. (Swift) Born in the mid seventeenth century, Swift a poet, priest and political pamphleteer (not necessarily in that order). Another Trinity boy, today he is often remembered as the author of Gulliver’s Travels (not the Jack Black version), a great satirical fantasy (always a welcome escape) with mocking undertones for some of the political shenanigans of the day.


When the path of true love did not run smoothly at first, with his rejection by a local lass in Carrickfergus, a self imposed exile to England and finally Swift settled in Dublin bringing with him his lifelong companion Esther (one of two Esthers Swift may have been romantically involved in).


As one of his many rich legacies, the bulk of Swift’s estate was left to found a St. Patrick’s Hospital for Imbeciles, which still exists as a psychiatric hospital not far from where Swift trod.


Trace Swift through Dublin from Trinity College, to St Patricks Cathedral and around Christchurch cathedral. Nearby hotels include The ClarenceFour Seasons Hotel and The Morgan.