John B Keane


A dark mid 1930s Ireland and Bull McCabe’s field that he as nurtured and cajoled from stones to fertility is up for auction and slipping from his grasp. Towering performances from a star studded cast including Richard Harris, Brenda Fricker, Sean bean and John Hurt for which Harris was nominated for several awards, The Field was based on Keane’s novel, a story with its origins in his local North Kerry.


Born in the lively town of Listowel, home to many festivals for writers, horse racing enthusiasts and general story tellers, Keane spent his life weaving a many threaded literary fabric who’s yarns would travel worldwide. From the centre of his pub, Keane held court among his many friends and followers wittily dissecting local and international events, the mountain often travelling to Mohammed as it did through the long running Listowel Writers Week.


Always crowd pullers, Big Maggie, Many Young Men of Twenty and many more have provided a ready vehicle for the dramatic fantasies of many players for decades across the world. Keane also penned some best selling novels and other publications in his lifetime.


Hotels located in the Kingdom and only a stone’s throw from Keane’s Listowel include¬†The Ballygarry House Hotel.