Dublin Castle

Until 1922 the Castle was the seat of British rule in Ireland. When the Irish Free State was formed in 1922, the castle was ceremonially handed over to Michael Collins. Originally built as a defensive fort for the Normans around 1200, it later evolved into a royal residence,. Over the years parliament and law courts met at the castle. It also served as a military garrison. The first President of Ireland was inaugurated here (Douglas Hyde) as was every president ever since. The Irish Crown Jewels were stolen from the Castle in 1907. It served for some years as temporary Courts of Justice (the Four Courts was destroyed in 1922). The State Apartments contain the rooms formerly used by the Lord Lieutenant for personal accommodation and public entertaining. The castle complex also hosts the Chester Beatty Library.

Dublin Castle has appeared in numerous films including Michael Collins and more recently in the television series The Tudors, where it doubles as the Vatican.

Hotels near the castle include Clontarf CastleConrad Dublin and The Shelbourne.