Waterford Castle

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Just picture it. A secluded private island. An ideal home to a monastic settlement in the 6th century. But one also attractive to others including some great Danes (not the four legged kind though they may have been there as well) who built not one but two castles on the Island. Not to be outdone, the Normans trundled some time after supper on a fine day in the middle ages and tried to laid siege to the Fitzgeralds (cousin of Strongbow) fort. Over the centuries the castle was built and rebuilt morphing from a fortress to a fairytale castle complete with Gargoyles (cousins to those in Notre Dame).

The Castle has always been and remains centre stage in many social engagamenet in the Waterford region, at one stage its able hostess being engaged to the Irish-born Duke of Wellington (he of Waterloo fame). Alas the course of true love did not run smooth and he was jlted for another.

The Fitzgeralds ended their links with the castle only fifty years ago. Today the Hotel and Country Club has been transformed to cater for your every need with some of the senior staff there from the beginning (not the 12th century of course, though there are rumours….)

Situated on its own private Island, Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort offers luxurious castle accommodation. This 4 star hotel is one of Ireland’s leading luxury hotels with its own championship golf course.