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If you’re in a place that’s far away and your heart is filled with care, if the troubles of this living are sometimes hard to bear, then be like me and close your eyes call Donegal to mind, and think of places that you know which once were true and kind – Eamonn Bonner


From Tory Island, Aranmore,  Malin Head,  Lough Eske, Glencolmcille and Glenveagh national Park, the treasure of Ireland’s wild rugged coast and mountainous north West lies in store for you.


For twitchers and folk art admirers Tory island is a gem. Add in a ration of Gaelic language, music and traditions, miles of open Atlantic ocean and Ireland is an island off the coast of Tory


Likewise Aranmore Island, with its spectacular cliffs and sea views, lively music sessions, local handcrafts and plenty of fishing, not to mention whale and dolphin watching.


As the most northerly point in Ireland, Malin also boasts an impressive coastline, fantastic beaches and breathtaking scenery. While the Slieve League Cliffs at the highest cliff face in Europe, is spectacular for its elevation and colour


Lough Eske is a large lake found to the south of the Blue Stack Mountains with Lough Eske Castle, built in the 18th century but burnt at the start of the Emergency and later renovated, hidden away behind its gateposts..

Donegal Castle was built by one of the O’Donnell chieftains in the 15th century.
The O’Donnell Family were originally loyal subjects of Queen Elizabeth I but not after the last of the family “Red” Hugh O’Donnell rebelled and lost, forced to accept the English laws and in return allowed to keep the castle and lands.


The last two great Celtic chieftains, Hugh O’Donnell and Hugh O’Neill are commemorated at The Flight of the Earls Heritage The Earls left Ireland from after their defeat at Kinsale by the forces of Elizabeth I in 1601 after Brehon Law rapidly followed disappeared and the ancient Irish clans their eliminated


Tradition has it that St. Colmcille banished demons who enveloped the valley at Glencolumcille in a fog. Today, pillars decorated with cross-motifs and geometric designs are now part of the annual pilgrimage .


The Glenveagh National Park in a rugged and remote mountain valley are woodland gardens and pleasure grounds, interwoven against the wild and beautiful Donegal landscape.


For more fun filled frolics check out the annual sea, surf and part filled festival at the Sea Sessions in Bundoran or brush up on your air guitar skills at the Rory Gallagher Tribute festival.


To get away from it all try the Solis Lough Eske Castle