The Culloden Hotel Belfast

Standing high on the wooded slopes of the Holywood hills, overlooking Belfast Lough and the County Antrim coastline, is the magnificent Culloden Estate and Spa, one of the most prestigious 5 Star luxury hotels in Northern Ireland.

Click on the ads below to avail of this magnificent estate and spa! So here’s to you Mrs Robinson, well Mrs Culloden really, after whom Mr Robinson named the Gothic mansion he built out of stone transported over land and see from Scotland in the late nineteenth century to be rearranged in the form of The Culloden House that still stands on its elevated site on the edge of Belfast Lough.

Alas when Mr Robinson passed through the pearly gates, Mrs R gifted the estate to the local bishops who lived happily ever after for almost a century until the property changed hands over the decades until Dr Billy (not that Dr Bill) took possession in the swinging sixties until the present day.

Standing tall and strong on the wooded slopes of the Holywood hills and the Antrim coastline, the Culloden Estate and Spa is one of the most prestigious 5 star hotels in Northern Ireland.

And if you can bear to take yourself beyond the hotel grounds, you can sample the best that Belfast and Northern Ireland has to offer with the Giants Causeway a stone’s throw away (okay that was a bit naff), the Belfast Waterfront Theatre, Grand Opera House, Queen’s University, Belfast Castle and of course a wealth of Titanic memorabilia waiting for you to explore if you can drag your clean and shiny pampered self out of the spa!