Mount Juliet Resort Kilkenny


The Waltons (not THE Waltons) were an ancient Norman family who owned Oldtown, the townland in which Mount Juliet is set in Kilkenny until they were dispossessed by Oliver Cromwell and eventually it became the property of King James II.

During the next century the estate changed hands through highway robbery (literally), debt recovery (starting to sound familiar?) until the Earl of Carrick built the current house in 1757.

The stud farm (of even older vintage) originally belonged to Jerpoint Abbey until the suppression of the monasteries by Henry VIII who granted the estate to no less than the Black Earl. Again the hand of Cromwell made its presence felt and following dispossession, repossession and marriage (not all at the same time) lo and behold the bold Earl of Carrick acquired the rest of the estate.

The Earl promptly built a mansion, called it Mount Juliet (after his wife) who whiled away many a pleasant evening overlooking the flowing river Nore on the opposite banks contemplating the beautiful vista set out in front of them and the source of considerable merriment in the intervening centuries.

 Ooh, we do love a good ending. Especially when its in Kilkenny and at the 5 star luxury Mount Juliet.